Mass Vapour E-Liquids

Mass Vapour E-Liquids

During summer my friend went to England, Middlesbrough. And he discovered a Vape-Cafe, or something that gives you a warm seat, tea and a good vape. The stores name is; ‘Mass Vapour’

They were in the middle of producing new home brand e-liquids and they promised my friend to send some samples once finished. Now it just arrived. Time to test some juice from Mass Vapour. Thanks a lot Mass, really appreciated!!

Oh yeahhh, almost forgot. Some bottles were damaged… cause ‘Kayfun’ (our dog) opened the package, without permission…obvious. Lucky for us the cardboard box was more interesting than the juices. No harm done, we’re joking we have a self-filling-Kayfun.




We’ve received eight different flavours. And I will review them quickly. All e-liquids were tested in the Plume Veil with a 0,5 ohm dual coil.


Dessert Crush3 mgNice, really nice one. I guess it will be a mix of walnut-liqueur, cheesecake and some ‘berry’ fruit. I really don’t know what it is, but I like is. It’s a bit sweet. Throat-hit is low and the cloud-level is average.
Milk & Honey3 mgIt got a little taste of nuts. Mostly discovered by the nuts I taste the milk. But the Honey is something I make an association with. Because I do not really taste the honey, but it gives me a honey feeling. This flavour takes a while before it is gone. 30 Minutes later and my tongue stills says to my brain there is Mass Vapour Milk & Honey in my mouth. The Throat-hit is very low, exact how you expected Honey. Clooud-level is average.
T.B.N0 mg Thanks But No? Of did they mean To Be Named? I don’t know what it means, but what I do know is that this e-liquid is one of the best!! Really, try before you die, never mind if you don’t like it, you have to try it. My first thought was something with lychee or cactus. Also on the edge I taste some candy-crane. It’s sweet, it is nice, and yeah it is an ADV, that’s for sure!! There is no throat-hit; but also there isn’t nicotine in it. Again de cloud-level is average.
Black Honey3 mgDid they switch some labels? Are you sure it is just 3mg? Caus’ this one is a little bit too heavy on my throat and in my lungs. I did a big lung hit and all I got in return was a red head and cough. While writing this review,  I am still coughing 🙂 I am serious about the question: Is there really 3mg/ml in it?
The taste is honey and also some fruit in the background. The honey gives me thoughts of ‘beeswax’. The wax you put on antique furniture to give the a shinning befall. So it taste like organic/natural honey. The fruit taste makes it fresh and a little bit sweet to. I guess it is some ‘berry’, like blackberry.
Frosted Donut3 mgThose who weren’t deep-fried but the baked ones… I don’t know how real doughnuts taste… Com’on, I’m from the Netherlands, how do I know how a doughnut tastes. But this tastes like sweet dough, some little cinnamon or gingerbread on the background. You really got satisfied with this juice. Maybe your first hit will not be what you expected, but just go on, you will explore lots of flavours. This one gave me a big clouds and a small throat hit.
Strawberry Short Cake3 mg Sometimes you don’t want to share your e-liquid. This is one of those times. I really like this one. No no no.. I love this one. It isn’t the real strawberry flavour, but for sure it isn’t the chemical candy flavour… No this is; hmmm-mmm-mmm. Some words they where popping my head while vaping this e-liquid; Milkshake, Ice Cream, Strawberry, more Strawberry, Creamy. It is not too sweet. There is a little, but nice, throat hit in this flavour and de cloud-level is average.
Gummy Cola3 mg Well, I can not write a review about this one. I guess it wasn’t steeped enough . Cause it really tasted terribly. On all my liquid reviews I not only vape the liquids, but also taste a drip of the liquid. This one really burned my tongue. The smell is like gummy cola, but way to strong. Sniffing the liquid irritates my airways. I’m quit sure this can’t be what Mass Vapor tried to produce. So no review. I will try it again in a couple weeks, but I have a hard feeling…
TRIXX3 mg Strawberry was already my number one. But maybe I will switch to TRIXX. Well let me give it a try; pineapple with Coconut(milk)? It smells like coconut, it tastes like pineapple. But maybe I am so wrong… Whatever it will be, it is tasteful, good blended and gives you a very good ADV. Compliment for the producers!



IMG_20151025_143752399It was a long time ago I saw big bottles. I mean bottles that contains 30ml!! In the Netherlands only the 10ml (or less) are allowed. So I was already happy when I saw the bottles… no matter how it tasted, just the fact it was 30ml gave me a big smile.

I got three flavours that where really the best. They gave me some new flavours, unique and very tasteful. They will keep me asking for more…

Strawberry Short Cake, Trixx and T.B.N. are my favourites.

All the e-liquids where well mixed. They are all good blends. Except the Gummy Cola. And maybe I am not a big Honey-fan, I guess a lot of people like Honey, believe me.. the honeys are really honeys.

Go on Mass Vapour, Conquer the world and Vape On!!


Mass Vapour

You can visit them on Facebook, Webshop or choose one of their ‘real’ stores.

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Mass Vapour store’s:

## 28 Silver Street, Stockton

## 24 – 36 Boroughroad, Middlesbrough


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